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Play Memory Trial  |  Memory Trial Details
Author : freeonlinegame
Description : Memory Trial: This is a simple memory recall game, You face a scrambled deck of cards facing down and you are allowed to choose 2 cards at a time
Play Pyramids  |  Pyramids Details
Author : 2dplay.com
Description : This is a simple card game see the rules on how to play.
Play Chinese Checkers  |  Chinese Checkers Details
Author : 2dplay.com
Description : A variation of the classic chinese checkers game. The object of the game is to clear as many pieces as possible by jumping over one peg into a hole be
Play Order  |  Order Details
Author : 2dplay.com
Description : Try to order the numbers correctly in as less tries as possible
Play Shanghai Mahjongg  |  Shanghai Mahjongg Details
Author : miniclip
Description : Clear the board of stones by finding all the matching pairs to progress to the next level. You can only remove stones that have no stones to the left
Play Crashdown  |  Crashdown Details
Author : miniclip
Description : The aim is to remove all the squares as quickly as possible.

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