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  Version: 1.3
  Type: Shareware
  Realesed: 2/ 15/ 2004
  OS Support: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
  Cost: 24.95
  System Requirement: 500Mhz 256Mram 3Dvidcard directX8
  Size: 25000 KB / 25 MB
  Description: a person simulator / RPG game with FPS combat where you control a prehistoric caveman! Starting with just a loincloth, you must explore the wilderness to find water, food, and shelter. Battle the elements and wild animals in your struggle for survival. Gather resources to make tools and weapons. Find a nice little cave near a waterhole and some berry bushes, and you could be on the way to living large - Caveman style! Caveman is an open ended role playing game / simulator. The object is to survive and become as powerful as possible. There is no time limit. There is no specific quest, adventure, mission, or campaign you must complete to win the game. There are quests but they are optional, simply another means of surviving. Basically, as long as your caveman is alive, you re winning the game.
  More Info: http://www.rocklandsoftware.com/caveman/index.htm

Author Details:

  Name: Rockland Software Productions  Rockland Software Productions
  E-Mail Id: rockland@rocklandsoftware.com

Company Details:

  Name: Rockland Software Productions
  URL: http://www.rocklandsoftware.com
  Sales Mailid: sales@rocklandsoftware.com
  Support Mailid: support@rocklandsoftware.com
  General Mailid: rockland@rocklandsoftware.com

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