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1942 Campaign for Malaya

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  Name: 1942 Campaign for Malaya
  Version: 1.0g
  Type: Shareware
  Realesed: 1/ 26/ 2005
  OS Support: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000
  Cost: 10.00
  System Requirement: Pentium, 32Mb RAM
  Size: 6224 KB / 6.22 MB
  Description: 1942: Campaign for Malaya recreates the Japanese conquest of Malaya in early 1942, successfully concluded by the fall of Singapore. 1942: Campaign for Malaya is a turn based wargame. It uses classic rules like hexes, ZOC s, combat odds, supply, multi-steps units, reinforcements, air support, naval movement, amphibious assaults, fog of war, rail movement, etc. It is played on a map of 22x28 hexs, with an average of 40 units. There is one full campaign scenario that lasts for up to 21 turns. One player will control the Japanese army, the other plays the allied forces (British, Australian, Indian, and Malay troops).
  More Info: http://www.kamikazewargames.com/gameCM.htm

Author Details:

  Name: Bertrand  Vauthier
  E-Mail Id: support@kamikazewargames.com

Company Details:

  Name: Kamikaze Wargames Designers
  URL: http://www.kamikazewargames.com
  Sales Mailid: support@kamikazewargames.com
  Support Mailid: support@kamikazewargames.com
  General Mailid: support@kamikazewargames.com

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