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Play Crash Down  |  Crash Down Details
Author : freeonlinegame
Description : The aim of the game is to click on the groups of same colored tiles & stop them from piling high.
Play Flash Ludo  |  Flash Ludo Details
Author : freeonlinegame
Description : Ludo is derived from the ancient Indian game "Pachisi" which was originally played with cowries and beehive shaped pieces. Even The Emporer Akhbar the
Play Numbers  |  Numbers Details
Author : freeonlinegame
Description : An addictive game that tests your number adding skills! Add up numbers before the time runs out. The objective of this fun brain buster of a game is t
Play PUSH IT  |  PUSH IT Details
Author : freeonlinegame
Description : The object of the game is to push the boxes into the designated colored areas. You cannot push two or more boxes at once. If you ever make a wrong m
Play Beer Drag  |  Beer Drag Details
Author : 2dplay.com
Description : Drag the beer-bottle to the box without going of the path.
Play Khanh Tetris  |  Khanh Tetris Details
Author : 2dplay.com
Description : Just another Tetrus game but very well put together
Play Mouse Maze  |  Mouse Maze Details
Author : 2dplay.com
Description : use your mouse to move around the maze dont hit the sides you lose score. High score wins
Play Crazy Boxes  |  Crazy Boxes Details
Author : gamesforyour
Description : -

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