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Super Poker - AI Game  |  Game's Details
Author : Mohit Aggarwal
Description : Super Poker is developed as an AI project by taking inputs from various professional players and by studying heuristics suggested for this game. Computer plays by a predetermined procedure which is unlike many other games is not randomized.
Tetron  |  Game's Details
Author : Jens Yoki
Description : Multiplayer Tetris and Deathmatch over LAN, Internet. Play against bots or team up with other players and make alliances. Integrated chat, skins, world rankings, weapons, savegamas and much more. This has it all.
The Kids Puzzle  |  Game's Details
Author : Naor Ben Meir
Description : A Kids Jigsaw Puzzle. Improve yours or your kids coordination by Solving jigsaw puzzles. There are several picture and a variety of difficulty levels for you to select. The game accompanied by sounds effects and vocals instructions.
The Memory Machine  |  Game's Details
Author : Steve Verreault
Description : Save Rob-Robot from the the clutches of a burning furnace using your memory in this Simon-like game. This game features additional twists on the original concept such as a high scoring system and bonus rounds.
The Return To Citadel: Tri Pack  |  Game's Details
Author : Byxon Games
Description : A straightforward, addictive mind-crasher with 180 game levels and 10 tutorial levels! An ideal game for home and office play! 4 high-quality soundtracks. Solutions to all levels. An ideal game for your child: non-violent puzzle!
Trigames  |  Game's Details
Author : Matthew Brophy
Description : A fun and addictive set of 12 different puzzle games for you to enjoy for hours on end! Each game is totally different so you are sure to find one you love! Trigames is fully skinable, features animation and your high scores are saved.
Twilight Simple Mahjongg  |  Game's Details
Author : Twilight
Description : Simple Mahjongg is the classic solitaire version of mahjongg where you match tiles to clear the board. This is a no-frills version without lots of complicated options and features designed to appeal to people who want a simple low cost quality game.
Typer Shark Deluxe Game  |  Game's Details
Author : Download Download
Description : Typer Shark Deluxe is a typing tutor with teeth. Dive for sunken treasures as you zap sharks and piranha. Now you can play on your PC any time whether you re online or not. But this deluxe edition offers so much more. It s packed with new features:
Ultimate Mahjong  |  Game's Details
Author : Greg Denness
Description : Announcing Ultimate Mahjong, a PC game for the whole family. Ultimate Mahjong lets you play Mahjong like never before, it comes with tile set and tile layout editors as well as everything else you could want from a Mahjong game.
Unitix Entertainment  |  Game's Details
Author : Unitix
Description : Unitix Entertainment consists of several well known and classical games, such as Sokoban, Gophers, "Foxes and Ducks" and "Turtles and Beavers". More brainteasers and puzzles will be made available in the months to come.
Vault Vex  |  Game's Details
Author : Paul Kerchen
Description : Use your strategic thinking and color matching abilities to solve over 60 different puzzles which range in difficulty from easy to mind-bending. Also, every puzzle is different each time you play and the best score is remembered for each puzzle.
WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines  |  Game's Details
Author : WildSnake Software
Description : New twist of a great classic idea. Lineup 5 or more similar pieces on the hexagonal playfield. Challenging game play, original clay styled graphics, fun music and sounds. Take your coffee break with this perfection of the puzzle genre.
WildSnake Puzzle: TwistIt! - Vol.1  |  Game's Details
Author : WildSnake Software
Description : This puzzle game is based upon an original idea and includes 25 addicting puzzles. Pick up the pieces of the pictures, rotate them and put them together. Top level challenging mix of Jigsaw, Slider and Rubik s Cube right on your desktop.
World of CryptoPics  |  Game's Details
Author : Yariv Hastilow
Description : CryptoPics (or Nonograms/Griddlers) are logic puzzles in which the aim is to reveal a hidden picture from the number clues. Play picture puzzles, random puzzles, puzzles created from image files and the unique Challenge Mode. Includes Editor.

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