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FindSame  |  Game's Details
Author : Andrey Krutikov
Description : The goal of FindSame is to earn as many points as you can by removing paires of the similar tiles from the board. For earning points you need to select one tile and after that to select tile with similar picture. This pair will desappeare.
FineCrosser  |  Game's Details
Author : Alexander Kompaneets
Description : Automated clues-in-squares crossword puzzle maker with pictures as clues feature
FireMan  |  Game's Details
Author : Bondarchuk Vyacheslav
Description : FireMan - it s a new exiting puzzle game. This game intended to improve your intellectual faculties and simply pleasantly spent time. Because of intuitive interface and interesting game play, game is suited for all ages.
Fitznik  |  Game's Details
Author : Neil Graham
Description : Fitz is on a quest to gather gems from an ancient city. Each room in the city presents a brain teaser which must be solved to get all of the gems and safely to the exit. This is a puzzle game for people who like really thinking about thier puzzles.
Fitznik  |  Game's Details
Author : Steve Pavlina
Description : Help Fitz gather glittering gems from an ancient lost city in this simple and fun new puzzle game! Outwit fire-breathing cobras and voracious spiders as you move boulders, build bridges, detonate bombs, and more. Easy to learn, yet tough to master!
Fitznik 2  |  Game's Details
Author : Neil Graham
Description : Fitznik 2 continues the adventures of the odd looking creature Fitz through another 63 levels of puzzles tougher than the original game Fitznik. New game elements include: Force-Fields, Buttons, Droids, and Pressure plates that rise to form pillars
Five+  |  Game's Details
Author : Adrian Grigore
Description : Five+ is a simple, yet extremely addictive puzzle/strategy game for all ages. Your goal is to build lines of five or more pieces of the same color. Five+ even simple for kids to learn and has yet enough strategy to keep adults hooked for hours.
Flower Harvest  |  Game's Details
Author : Shower Chen
Description : The game will bring you into a beautiful world. This is a little village in which people lives by planting flowers. The season for the flower s blooming is coming., so the villagers will begin to harvest and you will do the job with the villagers.
Flower Power  |  Game's Details
Author : Software Team
Description : This game is a precious gift for spring lovers. Have fun collecting beautiful wild flowers on the marvelous meadow. Compose them into posies according to their colors. Feel the magic spirit of spring. Spring has come!!! Enjoy the game for free.
Fluffy  |  Game's Details
Author : Anette K Linusson
Description : Guide Fluffy through 270 levels in this logic puzzle game. It is a funny, nonviolent game with increasing degree of difficulty, no time pressure and levels you can play in any order you like. A real challenge, or a good way to unwind.
Forest Waterfall  |  Game's Details
Author : Leonid Melnikov
Description : Are you bored with the same old classical puzzles ? Try our FREE "Forest Waterfall" puzzles !! You can choose to play for points, or time. Difficulty levels allow to test skills of a child or the most advanced player.
FreakOut Gold  |  Game's Details
Author : Fresh Games
Description : Think fast as this sizzling hot game seduces your puzzle-solving skills in a way you ve never experienced! Your objective is simple--clear 75% or more of the game board while dodging the colorful bouncing Balls. The challenge escalates each level.
Fred Perry Gold Digger Puzzle Game CDRom and Demo  |  Game's Details
Author : Gregory L. Lipscomb
Description : Puzzle game with exclusively licensed comic for Fred Perry fans. Great family fun. We recommend this game.
Frozen Fruits 2  |  Game's Details
Author : Karl Hofer
Description : Frozen Fruits 1 is one the most original free games available on the net. Here comes the 2nd part with 35 new levels which were created by fans of the game.
Fruit Fusion  |  Game's Details
Author : David Hurth
Description : Fruit Fusion is a fun and new style puzzle game. The game starts out nice and easy, but quickly gets very challenging. The basic object of the game is to line up the fruit in and attempt to clear the screen and get the highest score!

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